YG-1 Launches the New 4-Cutting-Edge Insert, YG TM4 MILL LNKU

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YG-1 Launches the New 4-Cutting-Edge Insert, YG TM4 MILL LNKU

product/ Oct 31, 2023


The New Tangential Type Milling Insert in Response to Market Demand for Higher Productivity​

YG-1 has launched YG TM4 MILL LNKU, a 4-corner 90-degree shoulder milling concept with a tangentially mounted insert for various milling applications. YG TM4 MILL LNKU was developed with numerous advantages that can greatly improve productivity and machining part quality.


It is designed to reduce cutting forces, leading to a smooth cut due to a high rake angle cutting edge combined with a large depth of cut through an elongated cutting edge. Additionally, the curved cutting-edge design minimizes mismatch, while the wide wiper allows for an excellent surface finish.


The tangential-type cutter is designed to achieve high productivity. The core diameter has been greatly increased to improve rigidity, and the extra-close pitch enhances productivity. Furthermore, the wedge-type pocket improves clamping stability, enabling stable machining at elevated feed rates.


The new YG TM4 MILL LNKU provides increased machining efficiency and market leading performance.


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