Towards the world’s best,

Global YG-1


Founded in 1981, YG-1 has grown to be a strong and firm company

recognized globally in the cutting tool industry.

With outstanding human resources and distinguished technology,

YG-1 is always looking towards the future.



Tight Quality Control

Gaining 37% Continues Annual Growth

YG-1 maintains a tight quality inspection level.
Having a lower tolerance than the America’s federal standards, since YG-1 started as a company that exports 100% of its sales to America.

Product Management

Efficiency Building Customer Trust

YG-1 has gained continuous trust from
customers by virtue of obtaining
an efficient logistics system and also
a shortening delivery date system.

HR and R&D

Unlimited Investment on Human Resources and R&D

YG-1 preserves flexibility and customer
satisfaction by constantly investing on
R&D and human resources.


YG-1 is one of the world’s 5 major companies in the End Mill manufacture and sales industry

and also the largest in the Republic of Korea

Based on its 41 years of know-how, YG-1 is expanding diversification of items.

This made YG-1 set up a sales office in Thailand in 2010. 

under the name "YG-1 (Thailand) Co., Ltd."


                                                               YG-1’s New Product

                            always start from Zero.

                                                                 Developing a product starts from “Zero” for YG-1,

                                                         as YG-1 has always strived to develop a unique product

                                                         that has never been seen in market before.

                                                         By seeking technical development from overturning

                                                         common sense, YG-1 was able to develop fascinating items

                                                         that amazed customers from all around the world.

                                                         From choosing the best raw material to proceeding accurate

                                                         heat treatment and also passing YG-1’s tight quality inspections,

                                                         new products with superb cutting and excellent finished

                                                         surface are developed. YG-1’s technical Institutes are striving

                                                         every day to lead the cutting tool industry with predominance

                                                         of technology.

Songdo R&D Center

ทิ่อยู่ 120, Gaetbeol-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea (ZIP : 21999 )
นักวิจัย 140 คน
ก่อตั้ง ตุลาคม 2005

Chungju R&D Center

ทิ่อยู่ 68, Chungjusandan 3-ro, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea (ZIP : 27325 )
นักวิจัย 106 คน
ก่อตั้ง พฤษภาคม 2011

Based on bona fide business management along with talented members and outstanding technology, 

YG-1 creates trustworthy products and services
to customers all around the world.

YG-1 family members are spreading the YG-1 brand worldwide with each having strong determination,
challenging spirit and respect for one another. 

YG-1 Spirit

YG-1 values talented individuals with creative and thoughtful minds.
Respecting all members of the company and constantly investing in each person to develop more talent.

Moreover, with bona fide business management we strive to become
a firm & established company possessing unlimited growth potential
and support to the human society.




YG-1 TOOL SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. (Sales Office) founded

2020. 06    YG-1 TOOL SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. (Sales Office) founded


Qingdao YG-1 Cutting Tool (Sales office) founded

2019. 07    YG-1 India New Delhi Sales Office founded

2019. 03    Qingdao YG-1 Cutting Tool (Sales office) founded


Completion of Bupyeong Plant in Incheon, Korea

2018. 05    Completion of Bupyeong Plant in Incheon, Korea


Thailand branch founded Tech Center founded in Germany

2018. 01    Tech Center founded in Germany (YG-1 Technology Center)

2017. 09    Spain branch founded (Herramientas YG-1 SL)

2017. 08    South Africa branch founded (YG-1 S. Africa)

2017. 07    Romania branch founded (YG-1 Eastern Europe)
                  Russia JV plant founded (Minicut Tooling Manufacturing)

2017. 04    United Arab Emirates branch founded (YG-1 Middle East)


Completion of Insert Development Plant in Chungju

2016. 12    Completion of India Mega Project (New India Plant founded)

2016. 10   Thailand branch founded (YG-1 Precision Co., Ltd.)
                 Russia branch founded (YG-1 RUS. LLC)

2016. 08    Completion of Insert Development Plant in Chungju


Completion of 3rd Plant

2015. 07    Completion of Plant #3 in Incheon

2014. 04    US branch founded (YG-1 America)



2013. 12    Vietnam branch founded (YG-1 Vietnam)

2013. 10    Global Logistics Center founded



Selected as one of the World Class 300 enterprises

2012. 09    Completion of Cheongcheon Plant in Incheon

2012. 04    Selected as one of the World Class 300 enterprises
(Ministry of Knowledge Economy)


Completion of Plant in Chungju

2011. 08    Completion of Hyosung Plant in Incheon,
                  Japan branch founded (New Sankyo Tool)

2011. 05    Completion of Plant in Chungju


Selected as

a Hidden Champion Enterprise

2009. 09   Selected as a Hidden Champion Enterprise (KRX)


Global Branches Established & Global Investment

2008. 08   Acquisition of Canadian companies


2007. 12   
India branch founded (YG Cutting Tool Corp)

2007. 08  Japan branch founded (YG-1 Japan)

2007. 07  Brazil branch founded (YG-1 Comercio De Ferramentas Para Usinagem Tda)

2006. 11  Acquisition of a US company (Regal Cutting Tools)

2005 ~ 2004

YG-1 R&D Center in Songdo founded

2005. 09  Songdo R&D Center founded

2005. 03  Awarded with ISO 9001/14001 certification (DAS CERT)

2004. 07  Construction of headquarters

2002 ~ 2000

China branch founded

2002. 09  India branch founded (YG-1 Industries India Pvt. Ltd)

2002. 07  
Ranked in top 50 companies with outstanding competence in product quality (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

2002. 04  France branch founded (Corai P&L SAS)

2001. 11  
Selected as INNO-BIZ Enterprise

(Small & Medium Business Administration)

 Certified as the world-leading quality product

(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

 Certified as the Leading Company in parts/materials export

(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

2001. 10  China branch founded (New Century Tool)

2001. 07  Awarded with ISO 14001 certification (TÜV CERT)

2000. 10  Elected as the outstanding manufacturer/factory of Korea (KMA)

2000. 07  Selected as the company with outstanding competence
in quality (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

2000. 02  Awarded Best Technology Competitive Corporate
(Small & Medium Business Administration)

1999 ~ 1997

1999. 12  Awarded with ISO 9001 certification (TÜV CERT)

1999. 11  Awarded First Grade Corporate in Precision Technology (Korea Testing Laboratory)

1999. 10  Changed Corporate name to YG-1

1999. 08  Ranked in top 50 companies with outstanding competence in product quality

1999. 07  Tool Research & Development Center founded

1998. 02  Selected as one of the small/med-sized export
prospects (SBC)

1997. 08  Registered in KOSDAQ market

1997. 04  Germany branch founded  <2000.12 converted to a corporation >

1997. 03  Received EM Mark Certification from Government

1996 ~ 1990

1996. 10  UK branch founded (Europa Tool)

1996. 08  Completion of Gwangju Plant

1995. 08  
Completion of Ansan Plant

1993. 06  Received permit for KS marks (Drill)

1992. 05  US branch founded (PCT)

1991.12  Completion of Plant #2 in Incheon

1989 ~ 1981

1989. 12  Selected as the company reaching for World-class Products (KOT

1986. 08  Incorporated to Yangji-1 Tools Co., Ltd

1985. 12  Opening of its office in Chicago, U.S.A

1983. 02  Export to U.S.A launched (End Mills)

1982. 10  Completion of Plant #1 in Incheon

1981. 12  Company founded


A Global Business Role model,

Mr. Ho-Keun Song
Founder and Chairman of YG-1

Mr. Ho-Keun Song is recognized as a true and reliable business man
obtaining high standards of global business mind.
Every year Mr. Ho-Keun Song spends more than half a year
traveling around the world meeting buyers and clients.
His business strategy to focuses on the production fields,
explains the constant visit in all of YG-1’s plants to personally see and listen.
People believe that Mr. Ho-Keun Song’s reputation of
passion and affection of working, has built YG-1 as it is now.



YG-1 was an enormous challenge as it was clear that the only way to succeed
in the generation of unlimited competition was to hold a challenging sprit and
contain high quality. Today, YG-1 manages a global business all around the world, exporting to over 70 countries and holding 23 global branches.

It is now currently one of the world’s 5 major brands
in the cutting tool industry and indeed No.1 in Korea.
We have Established a systematic global network between production
and sales to continuously provide excellent quality products to customers.
Also by maintaining a constant investment on research and development,
we have created several high valued items and are still ongoing.
As a market leader for the cutting tool industry, YG-1 is putting effort
to continuously expand the global market.

Along with talented members and outstanding technology,
YG-1 will carry on developing further more innovated items and
will continuously remain as a company that considers customer
benefits as a first priory. We deeply thank all clients for the generous
support and promise to move forward with consistent passion.

CEO’s Business Story






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