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YG-1 Launches a New 6-Corner Negative Insert 90° Shoulder Mill Concept, YG SM6 MILL WNEX

product/ Nov 15, 2023

Achieving High Economic Efficiency Through 6 Cutting Edges

YG-1 has launched YG SM6 MILL WNEX, a 6-corner negative inserts 90° shoulder milling concept designed for enhanced economic efficiency and high productivity.


This newly released SM6 Mill Line is capable of true 90° shoulder milling, with high axial helical angle despite of double-sided insert. The sharp, but reliable, cutting edge reduces cutting forces and vibrations during the machining process and achieves high productivity.


It minimizes mismatch due to curved cutting edge during stepped shoulder milling, uniquely designed chip groove design ensures smooth evacuation of chips through the chip groove. Additionally, the wider wiper flat allows for excellent surface finish.


YG SM6 MILL WNEX provides customers with high efficiency and market leading performance.


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