YG-1 Expands i-Smart with Chamfer Modular Head in Metric Size

I-Smart Chamfering Inserts



60° and 90° Chamfering Angle for All Your Deburring, Chamfering or Other Edge Preparation Needs​


  YG-1 is adding another product line to the well-proven i-Smart standard offering. Available in 10mm, 12mm and 16mm diameters, with the mentioned angles, 

and the industry standard screw-in coupling for maximum flexibility.




Main Concept

Perfect for removing burrs or sharp edges, or where a defined corner break is required on the finished component.

i-Smart chamfer inserts provide a cost-effective solution in medium to long reach applications. Available in 10mm, 12mm, and 16mm diameters 

with matching standard coupling sizes. 6 Metric options available, from 10mm to 16mm(4 to 6-flutes). 60° and 90° included point angle.

All customers in Die & Mold, as well as General Engineering,who have such adaptors and extensions already in their possession.

Besides being available in most common sizes and chamfering angles, the number of flutes increases with the diameter 

allowing for higher table feed and longer tool life.




X-Coating is applied to provide multi-material capability covering ISO-P, -M, -K, -S, and even certain ISO-H applications.


i-Smart portfolio is incomplete without the chamfering inserts. Adding chamfering inserts brings more attention to the overall i-Smart product offering and provides a more complete solution.



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