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YG-1’s Brand New Premium Solid Carbide End Mill for High Hardened Steels, ‘X1-EH’

product/ Nov 01, 2023

New Generation of High-Accuracy End Mill for Fine-Finishing​

YG-1 has launched a new premium solid carbide end mill for high hardened steels. X1-EH offers outstanding machining accuracy due to its extremely tight tolerances.


X1-EH provides superior surface finishes, exceptional tool life, and realizes high precision milling with a wide range portfolio optimized for the die & mold industry.


The C-coating is the next level in ISO-H machining, with excellent wear and heat resistance while providing exceptional toughness and thermal shock stability. A new substrate, with improved wear resistance due to its fine-grained nanostructure, is applied to Ø6mm and below.


X1-EH provides improved edge preparation consistency with tighter tolerances and surface quality. Notably, it maintains a radius consistency of +1μm -5μm on ball nose tools up to Ø6mm.


It also features h4 shanks, enhancing runout accuracy. The reinforced back relief at ball nose strengthens the stability without interfering with chip flow and optimized gash transition at ball nose improves chip flow.


YG-1's X1-EH solid carbide end mill for high hardened steel is at the forefront of precision machining.


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