YG-1 Launches the New Solution: Indexable Drill ‘X-DRILL’


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YG-1 Launches the New Solution: Indexable Drill ‘X-DRILL’




product/ July 03, 2023

A New Captive Type of 4-Corner Indexable Drill with Exceptional Performance​​

YG-1 has launched a new captive drill that offers highly efficient performance and an economic solution.

The X-Drill, our latest innovation, allows for the full utilization of all four corners and enables the use same insert of both center and periphery, all while ensuring cost-effectiveness and versatility.

Designed with our special technology, the X-Drill achieves optimal chip evacuation through twisted coolant channels, its surface-treated flutes are specifically engineered for smooth chip evacuation, 

resulting in a highly stable machining process, precise dimensional accuracy and exceptional hole quality.

The YG713 grade featured in the X-Drill has been meticulously optimized to deliver maximum predictability and performance across a wide range of workpiece materials. Additionally, it boasts a long tool life 

compared to conventional grades when used for drilling applications.








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