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YG-1 Expands YG SM3 MILL TPKT Portfolio to Include 11 Insert Size



product/ July 03, 2023

Providing a Wide Range of 3-corner 90° Shoulder Milling​


YG-1 has expanded YG SM3 MILL TPKT portfolio, now featuring the addition of TPKT11 alongside the previously introduced TPKT16 insert.


Building on the positive feedback of the TPKT16 and utilizing the same technological and application advantages, we are introducing the TPKT11 insert and cutter to cater to a wider range of machining sizes and requirements.


The YG SM3 MILL TPKT is designed with a high-helix cutting edge, which effectively reduces cutting force and ensures a smooth cutting. Its high positive rake angle geometry optimizes chip formation, while minimizing burrs. Additionally, the newly designed curved cutting edge minimizes mismatch at step machining, enhancing overall precision. The wider wiper of the SM3 platforms, allows for superior surface finishes to be achieve on the floor, in addition to the quality of the wall of the shoulder.


TPKT11 offers GN, ST and AL chip breakers to fulfill various machining requirements. YG-1 also provides end mills, modular end mills, and face mill cutters with coolant, enabling comprehensive solutions for different machining applications.

The cutting size of TPKT16 is available from diameter 32mm up to 200mm (2”–6”), TPKT11 is available from 20mm up to 63mm (1.25”–5.0”)















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