Indexable Inserts Metric 2023-2024 Catalog

[YG-1 Indexable Inserts]
YG-1 Releases Updated Indexable Inserts Metric 2023-2024 Catalog

product/ July 31, 2023

Total 1,464 New Items Including Milling Concepts, Grades, Chip Breakers, and NanoCut for Small-Part Machining Have Been Added​

YG-1 has released its updated Indexable Inserts Metric 2023-2024 Catalog, featuring a wide range of new items, including new milling concepts, grades, chip breakers, and NanoCut portfolio completion to meet diverse machining requirements. Also, the digital PDF version includes an interactive feature for easy navigation between pages.


Major updates in the catalog are as follows:



YG3115: YG-1's advanced CVD turning grade for high cutting speed and extended tool life in steel.

YG2025: A new CVD turning grade optimized for high cutting speed in stainless steel.

YT100: YG-1's brand new cermet turning grade, YT100, delivers excellent surface finish and outstanding wear resistance, making it a valuable choice for finish turning operations.

UH & UT Chip breakers: The general chip breaker UH and heavy roughing chip breaker UT are single-sided inserts commonly found in the heavy machining industry.



NanoCut: The catalog now includes NanoCut, a complete solid miniature turning tool system designed for small-part machining applications.



YG SM3 MILL TPKT: A new 3-corner 90° shoulder milling insert with high productivity, now complemented with the addition of TPKT11 to the existing TPKT16.



X-Drill: YG-1’s a new captive drill, X-Drill allows for the full utilization of all four corners and enables using the same insert of both center and periphery, all while ensuring cost-effectiveness and versatility.


Please refer to the following link and check the latest items for more details.

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